VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski met with citizens from Gostivar today, and in his remarks the opposition leader said that “we will either defeat the ruling Zaevism, or we will continue down the path of political and economic capitulation”.

On April 21st, we don’t only hold the first round of the presidential elections, but we also decide on the future for Macedonia. On that day the citizens hold the mandate and decide which road we go on. There are two options: we either approve of the political and economic capitulation or we will defeat the Zaevism, and Macedonia will endure and move forward, Mickoski said.

He cited the poor economic performances, of mere 2 percent GDP growth, and the wholesale corruption endorsed by the Zoran Zaev Government as reasons to vote against SDSM in the presidential elections. Mickoski also named the long list of SDSM corruption cases which have never been fully investigated and sanctioned.

If you want to talk about justice, let’s examine the EVN sale, the deliberate extension of the Deutsche Telekom monopoly, about the Global real estate deal, about Zaev’s “1 euro per square meter” bribe request. Let’s investigate all cases where there are indications of wrong doing, not just mete out selective justice, Mickoski said.