I am asked about position on the Russian aggression against Ukraine, and the party rodents of SDSM and DUI will additionally say I had no position while waiting for the bone they should get from the owner with stolen public money, wrote the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski on Facebook. 

I expressed my position clearly and in person twenty days ago at a meeting with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Macedonia: “The territorial integrity of Ukraine as well as of any sovereign country is constant and must be respected, and all different views on current issues to be resolved diplomatically.”

I regret that I cannot do more, and I would do my best to prevent the suffering of civilians and innocent human victims. But what is also important for me as a person and a Macedonian, how Macedonia will deal with the current challenges in economic and energy terms, what are the reserves that Macedonia has in the coming crisis, will crime and corruption continue as well as the sale of national interests…

The job of politicians is to make peace, build friendships and give diplomacy a chance. To preserve international law and principles, to stop aggression and to respect the territorial integrity of every independent and sovereign state.