VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said that the conservative party will wait to see the outcome of the debate in Parliament this afternoon, and will afterwards decide whether it can support a new law on state prosecutors. Mickoski said that the current version of the law, proposed by the ruling SDSM party, is unacceptable, but if some of the proposals from the legal experts gathered in the Parliament are incorported in the draft text, then VMRO could support it.

Let’s see what will be proposed in the public debate. If the proposals are adopted into the law, then I see no reason why we wouldn’t support the law. But we have no intention to vote for it if it remains such as it is right now, Mickoski said during a visit to Prilep.

VMRO blames the ruling SDSM party of trying to protect its leader Zoran Zaev from future scrutiny for the many many criminal allegations against him by pushing a version of the law that would not allow an independent prosecutor to look into the actions of the past several years. Macedonia is faced with the danger of losing the recommendation to open EU accession talks unless the dramatic crisis in the judiciary, caused by the Katica Janeva corruption scandal, is not remedied.