Today we signed a Charter for strategic coalition and establishing the principles of future work of the Coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE called “Your Macedonia”, said at today’s press conference the president of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski.

The coalition of VMRO-DPMNE “Your Macedonia” is the largest coalition so far composed of 24 political entities and organizations that stand behind the wave of changes that should ensure a stable and strong Macedonia. Starting from the goal of general political and state development and progress of our homeland, the Republic of Macedonia; Noting the devastating nature of the current ruling clique on the Macedonian economy, politics and national interests; Aware of the seriousness of the challenges facing the Republic of Macedonia in the battle for overall political, economic, social and cultural development; The “Your Macedonia” coalition undertakes that during the realization of the program for the presidential and parliamentary elections in 2024, we will be fully and unequivocally guided by the principles of responsibility and transparency in political action – stressed Mickoski.

Mindful of the devastating impact of the policies enacted by the irresponsible ruling clique, we declare that the advancement of the economy, fostering economic growth, both domestic and foreign investments, are paramount priorities for the parties comprising the coalition “Your Macedonia”. A steadfast and resolute battle against corruption, coupled with streamlining bureaucratic processes, constitutes our primary challenge. We firmly believe that societal justice is an essential prerequisite for the holistic development of our homeland.

With this understanding firmly in mind, the “Your Macedonia” coalition pledges to vigorously, fairly, and steadfastly champion initiatives aimed at upholding the rule of law. These actions are essential to rebuilding the shaken trust of our citizens in the institutions of state governance,” emphasized Mickoski.We also urge for a substantial turnout in these elections, as abstaining from voting signifies tacit support for the irresponsible and criminal government. Therefore, turnout is pivotal. The power to effect change lies within your hands,” Mickoski emphasized.