In an interview with TV Sitel, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski warned the government to not dare to commit electoral fraud because it would face the revolt of citizens, and with that step, the future of the state could be questioned.

He pointed out that the government should not abuse the citizens’ right to vote again, as in the referendum when it was voted in 2.4 seconds, or in some places there was a turnout of 95%, and added that it should not be abused the state apparatus for political persecution and artificial employment.

If the abuse of the state apparatus continues, as it was happening in the past days, if we see that we have political persecution and pressures and it continues during the election campaign, if we see that there are fake employments in the state and local administration, these are only preconditions that can bring us a decision, in which not only VMRO-DPMNE, but also the citizens will be completely defiant and revolted not to go out in the second round of presidential elections, but it will be bad for the country and the Euro-Atlantic integrations, said Mickoski.

That is why he once again urged the government not to abuse the power to play with the electoral process and not to bring the future of Macedonia and citizens at risk.