It is crucial when it comes to Macedonia, to have unity, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in last night’s address and invited SDSM President Dimitar Kovacevski to a joint home with the people.

In fact, the blows are to our home, which is all for one family. I am aware that in a situation where our home is in question, unity is more important than each of our internal differences that we have in this common home. I am aware, but also worried about whether the Prime Minister of Macedonia is aware of the same. And that is why I want to tell him that VMRO, both historically and essentially and today it is politically incorporated as one of the most important pillars of our home – Macedonia. When this government finds itself before the blows to our home, VMRO-DPMNE offers unity, an agreement on what is our common substratum and support for the protection of the national, strategic and state interests of our Macedonia, said Mickoski.

He said that the home will be strong as the foundations and pillars of the house, and it is not uncommon for any home to be tested in various shocks and blows, but as long as we hold each other, as long as we support the house, the home will remain undivided and whole. And what is home without the people in it.