In the direction of transparency and openness to the citizens, VMRO-DPMNE today held an all-day event in the building of the Macedonian Philharmonic which ended with a report on the first 100 days of the management of the municipalities by the mayors of VMRO-DPMNE. The slogan under which the event took place is “CHANGES THAT BRING FUTURE” – 100 days of VMRO-DPMNE mayors. At the end of the event, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, addressed the audience. 

Whenever you stand behind an idea you believe in, you send a message to a small wave of significant hope. That hope has grown into a great wave of many justified expectations and lives awaiting the chance they dreamed of. And we must not spend our lives waiting indefinitely for some better times, but in action to change our environment for those times to happen. Those steps have begun, and our common task is for them to become the engine of CHANGE THAT BRING FUTURE, said Mickoski, adding that they are presenting the public a report on what they have done in the first 100 days, because it is their responsibility.

He says that they started working from the first day because each of their promises is an obligation that they still stand for and that they are still fighting for.But let’s not forget what we found. We started to change chaos, disorder, closed municipalities, corruption, enormously over-indebted municipalities, non working, incompetence, Mickoski added.

In the past hundred days we have started more than 1,000 projects. Or the exact number is 1,090 projects in a hundred days. 166 capital projects have been implemented throughout the territory of Macedonia, where mayors have been elected from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition. The design, construction or reconstruction of 33 new kindergartens and 68 schools has started. Exactly 206 streets and roads are being built or reconstructed with a total length of approximately 100 km. Investments are being made in the construction of 111 water supply and sewerage systems, 96 playgrounds and parks. 200 illegal landfills have been cleared. We opened the municipalities for the citizens. Services that people have been waiting for for years take minutes today. Objects for legalization of yards, outbuildings, borders were sitting in the archives of the municipalities. Now in just one hundred days in Kisela Voda more than 490 illegal buildings have been legalized, in Bitola more than 1,100 decisions for legalization have been issued, with an unabated pace this process takes place everywhere in Macedonia where mayors are elected from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE or the coalition, said Mickoski.