It is only a confirmation of our thesis that DUI wants to swallow SDSM. It is not far from the truth that this happens. But that will only mean further fragmentation of SDSM, even though they have lost a lot in the past, especially the last year after the local elections.

There are many members there who do not see themselves in a political coalition with DUI. And that will mean the natural creation of some other option, and there will be few left, I guess the current leadership of SDSM, Zecevic and Kovacevski, who will continue to be in the lap of DUI because they will be a minority partner, says the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with the Vecer news portal, answering the question of what his plans are, considering that a pre-election coalition of SDSM and DUI is possible.

Mickoski emphasizes that VMRO-DPMNE sees the interest of the people and regardless of this pre-election coalition between SDSM and DUI, VMRO-DPMNE is fighting to win a majority of votes.

They will have several tens of thousands of votes to add to the votes of DUI in such a coalition. Some of the voters in such a situation will depoliticize, some will come to us, some to some of the current political parties, and some to some that may yet appear. And in this way, SDSM will face a really big challenge, which is to continue being a tool of DUI or to stop existing in this form.

And that will be a wrong step, but it is their decision how they think to perform. We see the interest of our country. We will win a huge majority of votes, we will have the largest number of deputies, we are fighting for a majority in the parliament and we believe that it is not impossible to achieve it, he said.

When asked how he comments on what they recommend to the citizens on how to survive in the year 2023, given that the government budget for the non-governmental sector alone amounts to a record 20 million euros and the government’s attacks on the opposition are synchronized precisely by the non-governmental sector, Mickoski believes that it is good to have a non-governmental sector that will correct the government, but these 20 million euros allocated in the budget serve only to bribe the non-governmental sector, which he said he did not see to be critical of the government, with a small exception.

Regarding the budget, Mickoski says that it is inflationary and underdeveloped, and if the SDSM government wants to have money for the students, just one less tender for excavation in REC Bitola is enough and they will have the money.