The Youth Forces Union (UMS) of VMRO-DPMNE is holding Sunday its 31st Annual Conference, this year under the title “Energy, Hope, Future”.

The event at the Macedonian Philharmonic was opened by the president of the party Hristijan Mickoski. He said that he is especially honored, because he took his first steps in this union.

These are our first steps, the first touches with politics, the first chance to participate in the processes of changing reality, the first attempts to give your contribution to the homeland, the first real acquaintance with the organization in which there is the spirit of the centuries-old struggle for Macedonia. The battles for the ideas, the great sacrifice and devotion to the work are briefly described by the letters that are a special code for the Macedonian and we pronounce them with special respect and emotion – VMRO. Both VMRO then and VMRO-DPMNE today would not be so strong if there was no potential, strength of progress, and ideas rooted in young people. And when I talk about the Youth Forces Union, I don’t only mean young people as individuals ready to exchange ideas and realize their own creations and ideas, but also as the people who are the future pillar of the party whose deepest essence is the development of Macedonia, the future of our homeland, our lives, our families, Mickoski said.

UMS is also energy, UMS is also hope, and UMS must be a secure future.

A future that we will fight for and a future that we will deserve. And don’t live with the idea that there is such a thing as an undeserved victory. It must come with a lot of effort, a lot of dedication, and through a process of constant battles and proofs, of constant competition and investment. And you will be successful only if you are yourself, you will be the bearer of development only if you enter with all your heart and energy to achieve the success you desire. We do not need people who will nod their heads and confirm the opinion of the interlocutor, but who will show defiance and arguments, not a debate of mere phrases, but a determination supported by knowledge and ideas. Such a UMS can move Macedonia tomorrow, emphasizes Mickoski.

He said that young people have his support in realizing the dream that should grow into reality.

It is quite certain that things are broken and that the responsibility for the state will belong to VMRO-DPMNE and this new generation, which must be better than all the previous ones in Macedonia in order to be successful. The question is not whether this government will fall, but when the elections will be held to change it. And that’s why taking responsibility must be decisive and show immediate results. At the center of those changes for a better future are young people and your chance is coming, Mickoski stressed.