The “Parasites” affair brought to light the greed of this anti-state and criminal government, says VMRO-DPMNE.

While everyday people remain unemployed and do not know how to survive the month, SDS and DUI officials with their director positions fill their pockets with public money, and their result is zero.

One on the list that ranks at the top for getting rich on the back of the citizens is Zoran Kitanov, who as the president of the board of directors in Telekom, and appointed by the Government of SDS and DUI, receives a monthly salary of over 6,200 euros. If it is calculated, Kitanov will have almost 300,000 euros in his account for one term of 4 years.

His deputy in Telekom, who is also appointed by the government, Sadula Duraku from DUI, receives a monthly salary of 1,500 euros, or in 4 years he will earn over 80,000 euros. While the non-executive member of the board of directors Shkodrane Dardishta, who is known to the public after her statements in which she threatened war, receives a salary of over 1,000 euros every month, or 50,000 euros in one term, VMRO-DPMNE reacts.

The party adds that while the country is in an energy crisis and citizens pay a higher price for consumed electricity, the director of ELEM, Vasko Kovacevski, earns over 1,700 euros per month.

1,700 euros for Kovacevski, while accidents and breakdowns in the energy system occur every day and there is no money for the renewal and improvement of energy capacities.

Kovacevski will earn over 80,000 euros in 4 years or one term.

The list of parasites on the state account is growing, and we do not see any responsibility from these parasites, on the contrary, they are mocking and insulting the citizens.

The silence of Dimitar Kovacevski about the insults from Ljupco Zikov to the citizens means approval or these insults are on his order, reads the reaction of VMRO-DPMNE.