The discussions about the work done by the DUI ministers will continue, said Artan Grubi, member of the DUI presidency and head of the cabinet of President Ahmeti, before the start of the continuation of the session of the party presidency intended for the report of the ministers.

As Ahmeti said, there is no fiery group. We have a 34-member presidency group plus three by default for a total of 37 members. It is being discussed as last time and this time about all the work done from 2020 to 2022, mostly 99 percent of the debate is about the economic sectors and capital inventions, whether roads, hospitals, schools, sewers, water supply, etc. have been implemented, said Grubi.

Asked whether there are negotiations with the Alliance for the Albanians, he said that there were no such talks, but the progressive forces to achieve the constitutional amendments are welcome.

There were no specific talks about the entry of the Alliance into the Government. But of course, all the over-aggressive, pro-European forces that stand for a European Macedonia are welcome to join efforts to implement the constitutional amendments and reforms needed to continue on the European path. I appreciate that the entire presidency of DUI is on that line. All parliamentary parties that stand for European Macedonia also support such efforts, Grubi said.