We know exactly who the criminals from Aracinovo are who a few days ago attacked and forced out police officers who were performing their work activities and we will leave it to the institutions to do their work, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski said during Sunday’s event “Open day of the municipalities – Your idea for changes”, where citizens propose ideas for the implementation of projects that will be included in the municipal budgets for the next year, answering a journalist’s question regarding yesterday’s findings of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that the police officers were not attacked, but that they did not perform their work task, after which disciplinary proceedings will be initiated against them.

Mickoski pointed out that on day one after the change of government and the taking over of the leadership of the institutions, including the Ministry of Interior, by VMRO-DPMNE, these people and drug gangs that everyone knows will be brought to justice and will be held accountable.

We will let the institutions do their work, and on the first day when we take over the institutions, you will see exactly who these people are and those people will be brought to justice. Here, I promise you, mark my word. We know exactly who the people are, what vehicles they drive, what they look like, what they do, and where they go. On the first day when VMRO-DPMNE will take over the institutions and take over the Ministry of Internal Affairs, I promise you that those people will be brought before you and brought to justice, said Mickoski.