VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski met with opposition supporters in Kavadarci on Tuesday where he said that the Zoran Zaev led Government is turning Macedonia into a mafia state and is abusing the police for political persecution.

Zaevism is taking sway of the country and we shouldn’t be surprised when institutions that serve as symbols of his injustice now accidentally are affected by flooding or fires, Mickoski said, referring to the alleged flooding in the Special Prosecutor’s Office which destroyed evidence in cases of businessmen which the SPO is accused of racketeering.

In order to properly deal wiht crime and corruption in Macedonia, Mickoski repeated his call that all high corruption cases of the past are investigated, not just a select few. He pointed to the long list of corruption cases associated with Zaev’s SDSM party which were left unresolved over the years.

Speaking of the SDSM presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski, Mickoski focused on his recent quip when meeting a returnee from Australia. Pendarovski seemed astonished that somebody would return to Macedonia from Australia and asked him “why on Earth did you come back?”

Pendarovski showed us that living standards in Macedonia are so disastrous that the only option citizens have is to leave the country. This is why we have to fight to build our future here, no matter what this Government tells us and does. Instead of encouraging the people to leave the country, I will fight to keep every single person here, where we belong, Mickoski told his supporters in Kavadarci.