Law professor and former pro-SDSM Colored Revolution activist Gordan Kalajdziev condemned the detention order against former Interior Minister Mitko Cavkov as unprecedented.

Cavkov, who refused amnesty and awaits sentencing in the April 2017 case, was arrested on Tuesday evening, ahead of the sentencing, and was ordered into a 30 days detention.

I’m surprised by this decision. We haven’t had such precedent before, that detention is ordered before the sentence is met. This creates concerns in the public that the sentence was already made and that it will be excessive, Kalajdziev said.

Cavkov has been a particular target of the SDSM Government, already detained several times, once only hours after the court ordered him released from detention into house arrest. He is charged over allegedly failing to control the incident on April 27th 2017, when the SDSM and DUI parties provoked an incident in the Parliament when they staged an irregular vote to elect a new Speaker while protests were on-going in front of the building.