A woman from Skopje claims she was assaulted by the Alfa police squad when she, her father and brother complained when the police impounded her brother’s car.

The incident allegedly happened near a kindergarten in the busy downtown Skopje area of Debar Maalo, where the brother was dropping off his kid.

There’s no parking available in front of the kindergarten and all parents park like that, each day, for a few minutes, until they drop their children off. Still the police would not budge and continued to work on lifting his car. He called up my father, we both came to bring the 1.500 denars the police asked for, and argued and explained the situation to the police. They called up the Alfa squad to deal with a girl, a retiree and a boy with no muscles. The Alfa beat us up, dragged us on the street. One of them told me how his day is going great. Beaten up, we had to pay to take our car from the impound lot, claims Marijana Petrusevska.

The woman called up Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski and Skopje and Centar Mayors Petre Silegov and Sasa Bogdanovik to look into the police assault.