Regarding the pensioners, it seems that the promises were not fulfilled, said the presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska Davkova at a meeting with private health workers and associations of pensioners in the Municipality of Veles.

The promise was that there would be special care for the pensioners, but we see that now it is non-caring, because not only there is no increase but there is a decrease in the pension payments and now we do not know what this trend will be. However, if the trend is a continuous decrease then the promise is not fulfilled. Moreover, in the dialogues or, conversations with representatives of pensioners, all the time the claim was that we are poorly calculating and that there is actually an increase. But the personal account of each of you, and the checks sometimes speak more than the promise and what has been said. So the comment, indeed those who invested in their well-being, in certain areas it means investing in knowledge, time, mind, and health, are now shocked. The debate over the fund stopped, we were all shocked by what was happening with the pension fund, they started bravely, but obviously, the agreement with the coalition partner then brought the matter back to the beginning, and now we wonder what happened with the series. We watched several episodes and when the matter was whether it was the director of the Fund, whether it was the minister, whether it was the previous government or the current government but we did not see the epilogue. So we are all worried, including me, what will happen in the days to come. Because everyone expects to be able to enjoy their children, happiness, and grandchildren because what they have invested now should be brought back to them, but suddenly, utter uncertainty. Now, beware, you saw the paradox, now the MPs had to be taken care of after their term ends because they did not go rummage through the garbage, and all of us, regardless of whether we were doctors, whether we were professors and we can think, Siljanovska Davkova said.