I want to emphasize that using the MFA institution and its reputation for cheap advertisements by Minister Osmani represents an abuse of the institution. What legally has the competence of the ministry to promote the state beyond its borders in the economic, political, trade and cultural area, now the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been turned into an institution that advertises the minister at home within the state, and mostly in Cair where he has received a party assignment to reconcile factions in his parent party, said MP from VMRO-DPMNE, Antonijo Milososki, at today’s panel discussion on the topic “Alarming situations in Macedonian diplomacy”.

As such a cheap advertisement, Milososki cited the example when Osmani boasted in front of the media about the purchased scooters, something that is extremely frivolous and misused by the minister for his own campaign.

I have noticed frivolous behavior from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs amazed at how cheap the EPP program has been reduced to me. It was in July 2021 when the media were called to the ministry to be told that they had acquired 5 electric scooters and 6 helmets. And that was the event of the day with the statement of the minister and that the ministry is entering environmental diplomacy and that they will be used by diplomats to visit other institutions. Not even the mayors of Ohrid and Krusevo, which are tourist towns, have done such a frivolous, cheap EPP program, and a campaign like this could somehow fit in, Milososki pointed out.

Milososki pointed out that another example of daily campaigns without real results are the announced economic operators who only went to 4 countries and from which I have no feedback about what they did, how many investors they brought, and that it is not serious that there are no important strategic partners from where they should attract investments.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs appeared at the press conference as serious as possible, ready to be photographed and in front of the cameras and said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is starting a new phase in development and work, which is the promotion of economic diplomacy, the introduction of economic advisers with analysis and assessment that will cover them all geographical areas and countries where Macedonia has an interest. In the end, the mountain shook, and 2-3 press conferences took place and 4 advisers were sent to Warsaw, Munich, Istanbul and Abu Dhabi. And there is no feedback as to how much Macedonia has attracted investments from Poland, how much from the Arab world? Why are there no such economic advisers in the Scandinavian countries, why are there not in Serbia, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia, America, Canada, countries from where the previous government attracted a serious number of investments and could, if we follow that example, bring more several significant investments, Milososki emphasized.

Milososki emphasizes that the MFA, instead of advertising Macedonia outside the world, advertises the minister in Macedonia, and economically, the MFA is the weakest link, as well as that it is rated as the ministry with the least transparency, which means that it either has no staff or the management has data that do not want to share them.