“I will begin with a statement by the Minister of Transport Bocvarski, given a couple of days ago on Telma TV. The question to the Minister was, “Why is the contract signed with construction companies on corridors 8 and 10d concealed from the public?”. His answer was – and I quote – “I don’t believe that the citizens should burden themselves with these problems”. This was the answer of the Minister whose legitimacy is based on citizens’ votes, who signs contracts based on the tax assets paid for by all Macedonian citizens”, the VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milosovski stressed at the Thursday Parliamentary session.

Milosovski pointed out that it is exactly the secrecy of the contract and its unavailability to the public, to the press, to the expert milieu within the faculties of civil engineering and architecture – not even to the MPs, despite their promises – raised the suspicions that the contract hides an attempt for a high corruption.

“The law that we are debating today – and all the laws related to the construction of the corridors, for that matter – have one thing in common, and that is the abuse of the “European flag”(a system designed to exclusively fast track the EU integration related laws through the Parliament), because there is no uniformed law anywhere in Europe that treats issues like expropriation, labor relations, or strategic interests”, the MP explained.