VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Antonio Milososki accused the ruling majority of deliberately delaying the appointment of a new Anti-corruption commission, so the Government can continue signing suspicious procurement contracts without the important watchdog body being able to raise alarm.

– The goal of the Government is to completely avoid having an Anti-corruption commission. This allows its ministers to sign no-bid contracts, such as the one which the Education Ministry signed with two companies just before the start of the school year to print school books worth 5.3 million EUR. If we had an Anti-corruption commission, it would’ve sure surely raised this issue, Milososki said.

Committee members were pushed to resign early this year after several pro-Government media outlets accused them of asking for travel expenses that didn’t legally belong to them. This left a gap in the system put in place to detect corruption and inform the prosecutors of concerns raised by the public. Ever since, calls to propose new members of the Commission are ignored by the ruling majority.