The VLEN coalition, that unites the main Albanian opposition parties, accused the ruling DUI party of undermining Macedonia’s rule of law. VLEN pointed to the recent Freedom House report that showed Macedonia sliding back in its democracy, mainly because of the rampant corruption.

In its 20 years in power DUI wrecked the credibility of the judiciary and the prosecutors. Their candidate Bujar Osmani himself acknowledged that DUI is involved in framing court cases. He worked very hard to bring Gruevski back to Macedonia and is responsible for pardoning Saso Mijalkov, VLEN said in a statement.

The opposition also points to the recent blacklisting of DUI official Ramiz Merko by the US and the earlier corruption investigation against their presidential candidate Bujar Osmani.

We need clean politicians and vetting to restoree trust in the judiciary. But the DUI lists are full of people on black lists and with scandals, VLEN said in its statement.