The DUI party issued a statemetn in support of the recent State Department position, that Macedonia must “uphold the spirit of the Prespa Treaty”.

The State Department was asked by the Voice of America about the practice to drop the imposed adjective “North” when speaking about Macedonia during the election campaign. Besides the opposition, it’s notable that also Government officials who were actively involved in the imposed Prespa Treaty, stopped adding the adjective and simply say – Macedonia during their rallies. The State Department also called for public discourse in Macedonia based on facts about this divisive issue.

The DUI party, which is hit by a slew of corruption scandals and is campaigning as a pro-American -party opposed to alleged Russian interference in Macedonia, said that it fully supports the stretegic partnership with the United States.

Today, for the umpteenth time the US State Department asked that the political discourse in Macedonia now and after May 8th is based on facts, on dedication to the Prespa Treaty and on implementation of reforms. DUI and the European Front assuree the United States, as Macedonia’s strategic partner, that after the elections the  country will remain on the EU path and we will not allow any movement to undermine the already established road set after the NATO accession, DUI said in a statement.

The party is facing a rare challenge from a growing Albanian opposition bloc and wants to bind all Albanian parties to an agreement that none will join VMRO-DPMNE in coalition unless the largest Macedonian party accepts the Bulgarian demands for constitutional changes.