VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski called out President Stevo Pendarovski for his support of the DUI – SDSM regime, and the major corruption scandals their top officials are involved in.

Their entire rule is contained in the words – “just like until now”, Mickoski said, pointing to the now famous moment when Dimitar Kovacevski was stumped by a question from a journalist, who asked him how he intends to rule in the future. DUI leaderAli Ahmeti, standing next to him, told Kovacevski “just like until now” in a lowered voice but still audible enough for the press, a phrase that Kovacevski then dutifully repeated.

This means that they will continue to rig public procurement contracts, will continue to enrich the Grubi family with properties across Macedonia, we will see him play football in the lavish Government offices that you pay for, there will be another Soravia scandal involving Ahmeti.., Mickoski said.

The opposition leader called on Pendarovski, who is running for re-election, to speak up on the growing international rebukes of the DUI – SDSM regime, including the latest Freedom House report that found Macedonia backsliding in its democratic system because of the rampant corruption.

Speaking before a large gathering in Tetovo, Mickoski also raised the national identity failings of the regime and of Pendarovski. He told the gathered citizens that a vote for Pendarovski is an endorsement of his position that Goce Delcev, the legendary VMRO leader, was a Bulgarian – a statement that Pendarovski made, before trying to walk back.