During his address at Wednesday’s protest in front of the Government building, Antonio Milososki, member of the Executive Committee of VMRO-DPMNE, said that now Zoran Zaev and Vlado Buckovski as one of the most corrupt politicians will trade together with the Macedonian national interests.

If until yesterday we were sure that Zaev is ready to sell out the national interests of Macedonia as one of the most corrupt politicians today together with Buckovski as a duo of the most corrupt politicians in Macedonia can definitely do nothing but trade with national interests. I must express my regret that one of them, like Mr. Buckovski, as a professor at the Faculty of Law, for lucrative reasons is involved in this operation for injustice against Macedonia, said Milososki.

Milososki noted that the two have one thing in common, one abolished for his crime, and the other avoided serving his sentence.

Therefore, our appeal today is not only the resignation of Zaev, Osmani and Dimitrov, but also the resignation of Buckovski from the position that no one in the country believes he deserves. He has no legitimacy, because the government has no legitimacy either, Milososki said.

Milososki stressed that the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that negotiations are underway with Bulgaria, and that they are not secret. According to Milososki, if they are not secret, then why Zaev, Dimitrov and Osmani run away from the MPs and the Parliament.

Therefore, dear friends, when we talk about national interests, the Government should be accountable to the Parliament because there are MPs elected by the people, said Milososki.