Employees of the Ministry of Culture, the Cultural Heritage Protection Office and the Film Agency will gather again today to protest their low salaries in front of the Ministry of Finance, after it denied them raises but raised the salaries of its own staff by 30 percent.

At the protest, which started on Friday and was held yesterday in front of the Ministry of Finance, an appeal was sent for a meeting with the Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi.

They demand the signing of a collective agreement and salary increase following the example of the Ministry of Finance.

The salaries of almost 70 percent of the employees in these three institutions are below the average salary in the country, and the difference between the salaries of the employees in the same positions in the cultural institutions is 10 thousand denars each. With a salary of 25,000 denars, which 70 percent of employees in the culture sector receive on average, the month cannot be survived, said the president of the union organization at the Ministry of Culture, Branko Kostovski.