The commission for the use of historical names should hold a meeting today and prepare a report regarding the Bulgarian club “Tsar Boris the Third”, after which the Minister of Justice Krenar Lloga will have to make an appropriate decision.

Pursuant to the Law on Associations and Foundations, which was adopted after a shortened procedure in November 2022, Bulgarian clubs are obliged to apply for re-registration or face closure. The deadline for submitting the request expired on February 16.

According to the amendments to the Law on Associations and Foundations, it is forbidden for civil associations, foundations and political parties to use names, nicknames, pseudonyms that are related to fascism, Nazism, genocide, the Third Reich, etc. The law has a retroactive effect and applies to already registered associations and foundations and provides that those who do not act according to the mentioned changes, will be deleted from the registry after a decision is made by the Minister of Justice.

Last week, by the decision of the Minister of Justice, and according to the previous opinion of the competent Commission, the Bulgarian club “Vanco Mihajlov” in Bitola was deleted from the Central Registry.