Greek nationalist member of Parliament Tanasis Papachristopoulos said that he will support the deal to rename Macedonia in the Parliament and is prepared to abandon the ANEL party led by Defense Minister Panos Kammenos over the issue and give up his seat in Parliament.

Papachristopoulos joins a small group of independent or centrist members of the Greek Parliament who said they are ready to join Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in pushing the so-called Prespa treaty through. ANEL said it will leave the Government if Tsipras puts the deal before Parliament, but so far it remains with Tsipras.

Tsipras needs 151 votes in the Greek Parliament to approve the deal with Zoran Zaev, but people from his party have said that, according to their understanding, he only needs a majority of the members present at the time of the vote, which could be lower than 151 and possibly even achievable with the representatives from his SYRIZA party alone.