Jasminka Jovanovska, mother of Bojan Jovanoski who runs the pro-Government 1TV station, withdrew from her post at the Commission for Freedom of Access to Information. Her appointment 10 days ago sparked criticism of nepotism and political influence in the commission.

I would like to inform the public that, due to personal and family reasons, I have decided to resign. I strongly condemn all biased comments analyzing me and my entire family. I adhere to the law and would like to serve as example to others, said Jovanovska.

Jovanovski is regionally known as the Boki 13 personality which he has built over the years, as a cross dressing performer and entertainer. Since the SDSM party took over the Government, he started a TV station which soon attracted some of the most pro-SDSM journalists in the country, such as Aco Kabranov, Borjan Jovanovski and Saso Ordanoski. This caused the appointment of Jovanovski’s mother to the commission to be seen as yet another way in which the SDSM led Government is favoring its supporters.

The Media Agency recently announced it is investigating the television to reveal the source of its funding and possible undisclosed business ties. Jovanovski was also accused of racketeering by Zoran Azmanov, who claimed that “Boki 13” asked to be given 50.000 EUR in bribes or an apartment in one of Azmanov’s buildings in exchange for withdrawing a news report which would’ve accused the businessman of criminal ties.