After the appointment of police official Zarko Milosevski as head of the powerful ANB security service, questions were raised about his role in responding to the 2015 attack on the city of Kumanovo.

The attack was carried out by five dozen well armed Albanian terrorists who crossed into Macedonia from Kosovo, at the height of the SDSM party led Colored Revolution and its broader destabilization campaign. Milosevski was head of the extremism department at the then UBK security service – the predecessor to ANB. The group of terrorists was able to entrench itself in Kumanovo and kill eight Macedonian police officers in the ensuing gunfight – 10 terrorists were also killed.

The opposition party points out to the fact that many former UBK officials were persecuted by the SDSM party after it grabbed power in 2017, but Milosevski was exempt. He is also the official who approved the issuing of a Macedonian passport to Ukrainian oligarch Oleksandr Onyschenko, who is on a US black list. This scandal sped up the removal of Viktor Dimovski as head of the ANB, but it only made the person directly reponsible for issuing a positive recommendation – Milosevski – take his place.