The Government stopped all infrastructure projects, except for the corrupt Bechtel contract, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski during his visit to the region of Rosoman.

Citizens there are asking for a road link to the planned Veles – Prilep expressway, but work on this road, started under the Gruevski Government, completely stopped under SDSM.

Given the rate at which this road is being built, I’m not an optimist at all. The highway from Kicevo to Ohrid is stopped, the road ti Prilep is stopped, the only thing the current DUI – SDSM Government cares about is the harmful Bechtel contract under which Macedonia already paid out 117 million EUR, before a grain of sand has been poured, Nikoloski said.

During the meeting with locals, Nikoloski also warned that the budget deficit is coming far above projections and called on the Finance Ministry to explain what is happening with the public funds.