VMRO-DPMNE deputy President Aleksandar Nikoloski said that a victory for the opposition candidate Gordana Siljanovska Davkova at the presidential elections will mean the fall of the Zoran Zaev Government. Nikoloski added that he is certain Siljanovska will win and it will shortly lead to early general elections.

SDSM knows it can’t beat VMRO, and DUI knows it can’t beat the Albanian opposition parties. This is why they opted for a joint candidate, and want to obscure which share of the votes is which. After professor Gordana Siljanovska Davkova announced her nomination, we are absolutely in the lead and I believe that we will win, Nikoloski said.

He condemned the move to form a pre-election coalition between SDSM and DUI, which he said is contrary to the long established principle that the winning parties in each of the two largest ethnic communities in Macedonia form the Government. “This can result in frustrations and problems”, Nikoloski added.

The deputy leader of the opposition said that the Government bears the responsibility to hold fair elections, especially after Zaev refused the request to hold early general elections, which would have added an additional layer of guarantees, with opposition input in the managing of the Government.

Zaev said that the referendum will be “crystal clear” and we all saw what happened. Suspicions remain. All responsibility is on the Government, Nikoloski said in a TV interview with the Macedonian Television.