VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski says that the European diplomats, who are coming to Skopje and asking the opposition to support the Bulgarian demands, are doing so without much enthusiasm and some are refusing to do a mission to Skopje. Nikoloski compared this to the previous such pressure campaign, during the Prespa Treaty, where international visitors used their authority to ask Macedonians to accept concessions to Greece, promising EU integration – which never materialized.

Some of the guests who have come in the past tell us that they were strongly lobbied by the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister, asking them to come and persuade our public that we are a step away from paradise. Some are refusing to come, others do so unwillingly. I think that none of those who come are convinced in the mission, Nikoloski said in an Alfa TV interview.

He warned that if Macedonia accepts the demands it will be a leap into the unknown and into uncertainty, as there is no guarantee that amending the Constitution will be the last of the Bulgarian demands,

It’s an issue that the Government agreed to, and they tell us so, that the Government accepted these conditions. We hear them out, tell them our own positions, give them our thanks and tell them that we support EU membership for Macedonia, but not amending the Constitution under Bulgarian dictate, Nikoloski added.