After the adoption of the law, these days we will come out with a detailed analysis and I can say the initial observations. First, I think it is good that the government has entered the process of intelligence reform because it is one of the demands that we have from NATO and the European Union. But it is not enough just to enter the reform process, it needs to be of good quality, Aleksandar Nikoloski, vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE said Wednesday on TV Alfa.

Nikoloski noted that he had several remarks because the opposition was not involved in the process at all, ie, as he said, it is an institution of national importance where it is good to have a consensus.

Until now nobody has asked us to give our remarks, contrary to the example of the establishment of the Operational Technical Agency which should prevent illegal wiretapping where there was good cooperation between us and SDSM and I think that we made a good and quality law, he stressed.

According to Nikolovski, the inclusion of VMRO-DPMNE in the whole process will be of great importance because the party itself has top experts that will help improve the legal solutions.

I have remarks because I believe that the administration of the UBK outside the interior ministry is a good move, it is a European trend. But several provisions are problematic in which the first is that the director of the UBK was appointed by the government, which means a politically appointed person by the government, and now it will be appointed by the Parliament with 61 MPs, which means again by the government or the authorities. I think that the director of the UBK should be selected with a broader consensus and with wider inter-party consultations and coordination, with the aim of UBK not being able to be used as it is used now for political purposes, he explained.

Nikoloski suspects that at the moment top officials of VMRO-DPMNE, including he himself, are being tapped, pointing out that until now he has not received an answer that this is not happening.