VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader Aleksandar Nikoloski claims that the Macedonian army has been warned by NATO that high level official in the office of Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska as well as in the army leadership are cooperating with foreign intelligence agencies.

According to Nikoloski, this is an issue Macedonia will face as it joins NATO.

In an interview with Lider, Nikoloski was also asked why VMRO-DPMNE officials were not present at the small flag raising ceremony organized by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in front of Government building. Nikoloski replied that Macedonia is not yet member of NATO, and will officially become one only after all member states ratify the accession protocol – expected to happen as late as next spring.

Nikoloski called on Macedonia’s international partners to begin to pay attention to the consequences of the Prespa treaty, which renames Macedonia and allows Greece to determine how history is taught or the overall public discourse in Macedonia.

They say that, since the agreement was signed by the Greek and the Macedonian Governments, the countries probably agree with it. They don’t take into account that we have an incompetent Government, a Government which has capitulated, which signed a treaty which no other Government would even consider discussing, Nikoloski added.