“Your so-called measures did not bear fruit at all, and people in Centar [municipality] breathe cancerous air almost every day .”

“We try to stop the plans that were adopted even many years ago when the mayor here came from your ranks.”

“So, I want to remind the mayor of the municipality of Centar that the previous mayor, I do not know if he was from our ranks. Do not interrupt me, please. ”

“Usurpation of green areas was made precisely by the executives led by the party from which the fellow counselor comes.”

“The term extraordinary session, do you even know what the term extraordinary session means?”

“You asked why have it now, why not schedule it on Tuesday.”

This is what the councilors in the municipality of Centar discussed for two hours at an extraordinary session with one point on the agenda – air pollution. While squabbling, they did not hear the call for a non-partisan debate because of the alarming results in the experiment conducted by their colleague from DOM, Beti Dejanova, a professor at the Medical Faculty in Skopje.

“I am a professor at the Faculty of Medicine, as most of you know. For the first time in 30 years of working experience, it happens randomly in the laboratory where we are examining intoxication of individuals, to get a result of 90 percent of students being intoxicated with cyanides, that is, rhodanide in the saliva. This has not happened in the last 30 years and I can say for me this is alarming. All of the students are from Skopje, they live here and I can bring you photos because I took photos of all test tubes and I still can’t believe it – as if they worked in the lead industry. Everyone got such values,” said Beti Dejanova, a DOM counselor in the municipality of Centar.