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Macedonia 21.01.24 | 21:48

Skopje bus drivers will begin a strike

Skopje public transit will enter a strike tomorrow. Buses will operate only between 4:30 and 9, allowing people to get to work, but not to come back from work. The reason is the failure of the city to pay the salaries for December. The union initially wanted to end all buses tomorrow, but decided to...

Macedonia 22.12.23 | 20:31

Major traffic jam in downtown Skopje

A horrific traffic jam developed in Skopje today, with honking from stuck cars heard across the downtown of the city in the afternoon rush hour. It took at least an hour to drive through the center, and many accidents happened as anxious motorists tried to cut in line. Public transport also collapsed,...

Macedonia 25.10.23 | 12:18

Skopje is currently the host city for the “Empowering Tomorrow: Navigating the Renewable Green Transition” conference

During the “Empowering Tomorrow: Navigating the Renewable Green Transition” conference in Skopje, Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi emphasized that the energy sector holds a prominent position among the government’s priorities. The event was organized by the Macedonian Association...

Macedonia 01.10.23 | 22:13

Skopje police arrests murderer and his mother who set fire to the victim’s apartment hoping to destroy evidence

Skopje police arrested a wanted killer who stabbed a man and then, together with his mother, torched his apartment. There is still no motive for the bizarre murder that was reported a week ago. The killer, identified by the police as A.D. (39), killed his his 36 yeas old victim in the victim’s...

Macedonia 11.09.23 | 13:38

Aleksandar Vuchikj is the star of the summit in Skopje

The Brdo-Brioni meeting in Skopje started on Monday, involving the regional heads of state who are expected to debate the regional euro-integrations and youth immigration, which is the largest problem for all the countries in the region. The star of the summit is the Serbian President Aleksandar Vuchikj....

Macedonia 10.09.23 | 16:53

Official of the small NSDP party is responsible for the bad state of the national arena for the game against Italy

Zoran Georgiev, official of the small NSDP party from Bitola, is the person responsible for the dismal state of the national arena Philip II in Skopje. Italy blamed the exceptionally poor state of the grass and the ground at the arena for their poor performance during the European Championship qualifier...

Macedonia 07.09.23 | 12:34

“F*ck Serbia, Macedonians, we will kill you: Death threats in front of the Archeological Museum in Skopje

Graffities with seriously offensive content appeared on and in front of the Archeological Museum in Skopje. F*uck Serbia, Macedonians, we will kill you, and Kosovo, Albania, read the graffiti. This is the center of the city, packed with security cameras and police patrols, so it shouldn’t take...

Economy 01.09.23 | 13:36

AirBaltic will enter the Macedonian market with a new seasonal airline Skopje – Riga

The leading Baltic airliner, the Lithuanian company AirBaltic will introduce an airline between Skopje and Riga starting with the 2024 summer season, TAV Airports informed today. The Macedonian capital will be connected to the Lithuanian twice a week, from May 3 until September 30. Tickets for these...

Macedonia 23.08.23 | 20:04

Skopje: Two men charged over rape carried out in 2021

Two men from Skopje are charged with rape of a girl several years ago. The attack allegedly happened in October 2021, when the victim was 18. The attackers are in their 20ies. Skopje police announced that the charges were filed yesterday.

Macedonia 14.08.23 | 14:33

They don’t want misery and breadcrumbs, they want a decent life: The pensioners on protest

With a demand for a resignation from the Chairwoman of the Union of Pensioners’ Associations of Macedonia, the retired persons began their Monday general protest in the capital Skopje. Pensioners from all around the country came to the protest. The pensioners are demanding a linear raise of the...

Macedonia 08.08.23 | 16:39

Fight between Skopje city parks workers

Troubles in the management of the city of Skopje continue. Workers from the City Parks utility company were filmed engaged in a fight with each other. The reason for the fight has not been made public. The video shows two groups fighting each other next to a park vehicle, while some workers are trying...

Macedonia 01.08.23 | 19:57

Pedestrian killed in late night car crash in Skopje

A 25 year old pedestrian was killed on Slovenecka street in Skopje, after a collision of two vehicles. Two men from Skopje, both driving Mercedes vehicles (one with Italian license plates) collided yesterday evening, shortly before midnight. The Mercedes with Skopje license plates then hit the pedestrian....

Balkans 29.07.23 | 11:25

Direct flight Skopje – Sarajevo will be introduced in October

Aegean and Star Alliance will launch a direct flight Skopje – Sarajevo in October. The two capitals will be linked by three evening flights a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Macedonia 28.07.23 | 22:07

The Bulgarian MoFA requires efficient investigation and justice fir the wounded soccer fan

The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the incidents on June 27, 2023, in Skopje when Bulgarian citizens, soccer club Levski fans, were injured, one of them seriously wounded with a knife. The Ministry also informs that the wounded Bulgarian is in stable, but very serious condition...

Culture 21.07.23 | 11:58

Skopje Council agrees to have the Culture Ministry take over reconstruction of the Universal Hall

The Council of the City of Skopje agreed to the proposal from the Culture Ministry that this institution takes over construction of the new Universal Hall. The old hall, built by Bulgarian teams with the assistance from across the world, following the devastating 1963 earthquake in Skopje, is undergoing...

Macedonia 14.07.23 | 19:28

Skopje suffered an environmental disaster

The city of Skopje went through an environmental disaster, with the garbage left uncollected for days, said the VMRO-DPMNE Commission on municipal affairs. In its statement, the Commission blamed the collapse of basic services in Skopje on Mayor Danela Arsovska, who enjoys the support of just 1 percent...

Macedonia 13.07.23 | 16:56

In response to the garbage collection crisis, Skopje Council wants accountability and considers dividing the responsible utility company

The Skopje City Council held a meeting today to discuss the recent crisis with garbage collection, and ordered Mayor Danela Arsovska to avoid having a repeat of the crisis. There needs to be accountability for those who directly or indirectly contributed to the creation of the state of affairs in the...

Macedonia 10.07.23 | 11:40

The City of Skopje is covered in garbage, the mayors discuss to strip the Skopje Mayor of her competencies

The mayors of all Skopje’s municipalities are coordinating to strip the City of Skopje Mayor Danela Arsovska of her competencies over the Public Waste Collection Enterprise Komunalets, after a week of strike by the employes led to mountains of garbage in the city. The strike followed after Arsovska...

Culture 03.07.23 | 21:18

Promenade exhibition honors Aco Shopov and marks the Skopje earthquake

An art exhibition is being held in Skopje in remembrance of the devastating 1963 earthquake as well as the famous poet Aco Shopov. The art exhibition is titled “Skopje’s urban stories” and it’s honoring the centennial of the birth of famous writer Aco Shopov, and 60 years since...

Macedonia 18.06.23 | 15:06

Three members of a family from Kosovo presumed drowned in an accident north of Skopje

Rescuers are still looking for the three members of a family from Kosovo who fell into the swollen Lepenec river north of Skopje yesterday. The incident was caused by a driver who was overtaking a column of vehicles headed to Skopje from the Blace border crossing with Kosovo. At one point he hit the...