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Music 05.06.19 | 23:31

Bryan Adams bringing world tour to Skopje

After Lenny Kravitz, Sting and Eros Ramazzotti, one of the greatest mainstream artists in the world of all time, the man with countless hits and at the same time great songs – BRYAN ADAMS is coming to Skopje !, Avalon announced. On November 13th, “Summer of 69”, “Heaven”,...

Culture 05.06.19 | 19:21

André Rieu prepares an unforgettable performance in Skopje: 9 trailers with equipment arrived

The VIP Arena “Boris Trajkovski” is preparing for an unforgettable event. The production team for  André Rieu’s concert in Skopje arrived Wednesday with 9 trailers with equipment. On Thursday we are expecting a real musical spectacle, the organizers said.

Macedonia 03.06.19 | 14:36

Skopje town hall will pay for the Vardar welcoming ceremony, rewards the club for its Champions League title

The city of Skopje announced it will provide free bus transportation to the airport this afternoon, as Vardar returns from Cologne with the EHF Champions League trophy. Buses will leave from the Jugodrvo bus station near the GTC mall in downtown Skopje. Two open top buses are provided for the team, in...

Macedonia 22.05.19 | 13:09

Skopje Zoo hikes prices because the “elephants eat a lot”

Gjorgji Galetanovski, the director of the Skopje Zoo who was recently in the news over the Eurovision song recriminations, is now requesting that ticket prices are hiked by more than 50 percent, with additional fees also being planned. The initial decision was approved by the Skopje city council and...

Macedonia 15.05.19 | 13:32

Skopje city employees were stealing property tax money from gullible taxpayers

Two employees from the city of Skopje administration were charged with stealing money from citizens who were paying their property taxes. One of the employees would offer citizens to pay their taxes for them, so they don’t have to wait in line, and would take their money cash. He would pay only...

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 15:09

Who attended Pope Francis’ Holy Mass in Skopje?

Who attended Pope Francis’ Holy Mass in Skopje? Politicians, public figures, lawmakers, including ‘Mira Diesel’ … See the photo gallery below. Source: Infomax

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 09:07

Pope Francis traditionally welcomed with bread and salt at Skopje airport

Pope Francis, arrived Tuesday morning at the Skopje at the start of his visit to Macedonia. He was traditionally welcomed with bread and President Gjorge Ivanov and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov and Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov were part...

Macedonia 06.05.19 | 18:27

Pope Francis expected to ride in popemobile around Skopje

During tomorrow’s visit to Macedonia, Pope Francis is expected to ride in a popemobile, a specially designed vehicle, on the streets of Skopje. The papal ride is usually modified to provide high visibility for the pontiff to be seen by the crowds gathered for his blessing. The Pope didn’t use an...

Macedonia 06.05.19 | 13:59

Skopje on lockdown in anticipation of the papal visit

Macedonian capital Skopje prepares for the papal visit tomorrow – first in Macedonian independence. Pope Francis arrives tomorrow morning and will meet President Gjorge Ivanov and other state and religious leaders, before holding a cermon on Macedonia Square in downtown Skopje. The city is on a...

Life 03.05.19 | 20:41

Skopje prepares for the Pope’s visit

Skopje intensively prepares for the Pope’s visit on May 7. Workers at the square are working to set the stage from which the Pope will hold Mass on Tuesday. The area is enclosed with white fences. Lamps are being placed, intervention on fountains is being carried out. These day trees on the Macedonia...

Sport 03.05.19 | 13:22

Skopje prepares for the 15th Wizz Air marathon

The Wizz Air Skopje 2019 marathon takes place tomorrow with 12.000 runners from 58 countries expected to participate. This is the 15th annual marathon in the Macedonian capital. Three main races are planned – a full marathon in two laps, a semi-marathon and a 5.000 meters race. Traffic restrictions...

Macedonia 24.04.19 | 15:13

Downtown Skopje – a city SDSM left uncleaned and unfinished

With only two weeks to go ahead of the first papal visit to the Republic of Macedonia, the authorities of Skopje appear unable, or even unwilling due to political reasons, to maintain the capital and the numerous buildings and squares built by the Nikola Gruevski administration. The scene at the Philip...

Macedonia 22.04.19 | 12:21

After winning Skopje for SDSM in 2016, Pendarovski now loses it to VMRO

Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova carried the Macedonian capital Skopje, with a narrow lead of 664 votes. The result represents a rebuke of ruling coalition candidate Stevo Pendarovski, who was the only SDSM candidate in the 2016 general elections to carry one of Macedonia’s regions – the...

Macedonia 02.04.19 | 10:29

LIFE: Tsipras welcomed outside government’s building with state and military honors

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras arrived at the government building where he was welcomed by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and government ministers with state and military honors. Tsipras and the delegation accompanying him arrived at the Skopje airport with a government plane at around 09:40 h. They...

Macedonia 06.03.19 | 11:04

Roof collapses at Skopje dormitory, students scared and revolted by the negligence of the authorities

The roof construction above one of the toilets used by students in the Stiv Naumov dormitory collapsed on Tuesday evening, Skopje1 reported. The collapsed roof destroyed part of the toilet’s inventory, but also students’ personal belongings. For now, there is no information about injured...

Macedonia 05.03.19 | 16:43

In 2018, Skopje air quality deteriorated as compared to 2017

Air quality in the Macedonian capital Skopje was not in the “green zone”, as measured by Greenpeace and AirVisual, for a single month in 2018. There was noticeable worsening of the situation in 2018 as compared to 2017. In January, air quality in Skopje was in the unsafe zone, and in November...

Macedonia 04.03.19 | 14:08

Reeker: North Macedonia now at its rightful place in Europe and NATO

The historic Prespa Agreement has paved the way for North Macedonia to join NATO as its 30th member and further its European integration. North Macedonia has taken an enormous step forward towards its rightful place in Europe and NATO, Philip Reeker said Monday in Skopje at a conference Skopje, organized...

Macedonia 04.03.19 | 11:38

Ivanov to welcome Pope Francis in Skopje, even though new president will be elected

Pope Francis will meet President Gjorge Ivanov in Skopje on May 7, even though on May 5 the second round of presidential elections ends, and the state should have elected its new president, Faktor reported. The Pope arrives in Macedonia on May 7, while President Ivanov’s term ends on May 12. Although...

Macedonia 28.02.19 | 14:36

Silegov asks Skopje Council to approve his zipline idea

Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov called on the city Council to vote today on his proposal for a zipline from the Kale hill down to the main city park. The zipline will increase Skopje’s tourism and recreational offer and will put the city on the map of modern European cities and show our dedication to...

Macedonia 02.02.19 | 10:34

Still at the top: Skopje is the fourth most polluted city in the world this morning

This morning, Skopje was the fourth most polluted city in the world, according to AirVisual. The city of Delhi in India tops the list of most polluted cities in the world, while Lahore in Pakistan and Beijing in China are in the second and third place respectively. However, not only Skopje battles pollution....