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Tag: Skopje
Macedonia 22.04.21 | 11:13

Migrant trafficker fled from the police while he was being escorted to the Skopje courthouse

A migrant trafficker who was being taken to the Skopje court fled from the prison guards, Kurir reported. The incident happened this morning, right in front of the main courthouse, as the suspect was being escorted. The police said that they have an idea where the man is hiding and are about to make...

Macedonia 25.03.21 | 22:35

First delivery of AstraZeneca vaccine to arrive in Skopje on March 28

Health Minister, Venko Filipce, informed that the first delivery of the AstraZeneca vaccine under the Covax mechanism is expected to arrive in Macedonia on March 28. On Sunday, March 28, at 07:55 h, the first delivery of 24,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine arrives in Skopje via the Covax system,...

Macedonia 15.03.21 | 10:32

Skopje sees largest number of active Covid-19 cases as hospitals fill with new patients

The number of Covid-19 patients is spiking again. The capital of Skopje sees the largest number of active Covid-19 cases, which stands at 5,695. Prilep, Kumanovo and Tetovo are also most affected among other cities,but with smaller number of active cases. The growing number of new coronavirus patients...

Macedonia 24.02.21 | 10:29

Lenin, communist police chiefs, UCK fighters – controversial list of new city street names approved by the Skopje council

The Council of the city of Skopje yesterday approved the changes of 570 names of streets, bridges and squares. The list was put together by the ruling coalition of left and Albanian parties, and is dominated by communist era party officials and Albanian figures. Out go some of the city street names from...

Macedonia 22.01.21 | 11:16

Drug dealer arrested in Skopje

A 28 year old man from Skopje was arrested after the police found a small quantity of marijuana, hashish and amphetamines in an apartment he was renting. The officers also found a digital scale, and other drug paraphernalia. The raid was carried out in the center of Skopje.

Macedonia 12.01.21 | 12:40

Over 330 coronavirus patients treated in clinics in Skopje

A total of 24 new patients were hospitalized in the past day in the coronavirus centers in the capital Skopje, and 25 patients were discharged. Two clinics in Skopje and a dozen coronavirus wards are meant for the most serious cases of the illness, and their number is currently over 330. There are currently...

Macedonia 01.01.21 | 17:02

Woman saved from the Vardar river in Skopje; man killed in Gostivar

Rescuers saved a 67 year old woman from the Vardar river in Skopje today. Citizens reported seeing the woman early this morning. Police officers rushed to the scene and saved the woman, taking her to hospital. She was unharmed. Meanwhile in Gostivar, the body of a man aged between 30 and 40 was pulled...

Balkans 30.12.20 | 20:30

Bulgarian Foreign Ministry: Authorities in Skopje to protect citizens with Bulgarian identity

Authorities in Skopje should take measures to end hate speech and protect their citizens with Bulgarian identity, the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote in a Facebook post. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs closely monitors the constant posts on social networks with lists of Bulgarian citizens...

Macedonia 30.12.20 | 14:45

City of Skopje approves 50,000 EUR in aid for Petrinja and Zagreb

The Council of the City of Skopje approved aid of 3 million denars (50,000 EUR) to the cities of Petrinja and Zagreb in Croatia, after the disastrous earthquake that hit the region yesterday. At least seven people, including one little girl, were killed in the earthquake, and hundreds are left homeless. Skopje...

Macedonia 25.12.20 | 18:01

Charges filed over a brutal rape in Skopje

Charges were filed today in a brutal rape that was perpetrated in Skopje in late September. The culprit, a 55 year old man, forced a woman into his car and drove her to an apartment where he threatened to attack her daughter before raping her and beating her up. Skopje court ordered detention and is...

Macedonia 17.12.20 | 14:12

Stricter new coronavirus restrictions go into effect while older ones remain ignored

New coronavirus restrictions that go into effect today include an earlier closing time for bars and restaurants and bans on gatherings in private homes over New Year. But the existing restrictions, that include bans on public gatherings, are widely ignored. Each evening town squares across Macedonia...

Macedonia 04.12.20 | 14:42

Patient aged 27 died of the coronavirus

A patient aged only 27 died of the coronavirus in the Infectious Diseases Clinic in skopje, Mkd.mk reports. The news site says that Healthcare Ministry sources confirmed the death of the young patient. It is being reported that the patient was admitted in a very difficult state after being treated at...

Macedonia 02.12.20 | 19:01

3.5 magnitude earthquake felt in Skopje

An earthquake measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale was reported at 2:09 pm on Wednesday in Skopje, the Seismological Observatory within the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics said in a press release. According to the data available to the Seismological Observatory, the earthquake was most strongly...

Macedonia 02.12.20 | 14:46

Earthquake felt near Skopje

An earthquake was registered in the area of Skopje half an hour ago. According to initial reports, it measured 3.4 degrees on Richter scale and was centered near the Macedonian border with Kosovo.

Economy 01.12.20 | 11:23

Direct line between Skopje and Kiev

Windrose is initiating a direct flight between Skopje and Kiev. The flights will be on Thursdays and Sundays. This is the first time Macedonia and Ukraine had a direct flight between their capitals.

Macedonia 22.11.20 | 11:27

Skopje expected to reach 10,000 active cases

The number of active cases in the capital Skopje is projected to reach 10,000 today, as Macedonia as a whole surpasses 20,000. Skopje has persistently had about half of the total number of coronavirus cases for the duration of the epidemic, and yesterday it had 9,854 cases. Macedonia sees over a 1,000...

Macedonia 13.11.20 | 14:40

Mickoski: They brought freedom, it is up to us to defend it!

Hristijan Mickoski, the leader of VMRO DPMNE, congratulated Friday the people of Skopje on 13 November, the day of the city’s liberation from the Bulgarian fascist occupation. They brought freedom, it is up to us to defend it. Happy 13 November Skopje !, Mickoski wrote on Facebook.

Macedonia 13.11.20 | 10:12

Skopje celebrates 76th anniversary of its liberation from Bulgarian “tourists”

Macedonia’s capital Skopje marks Friday the 76th anniversary of its liberation from the Bulgarian fascist occupation during World War II. On November 13, 1944, units of the Macedonian National Liberation Army liberated Skopje from the fascist occupation.    

Macedonia 11.11.20 | 17:07

Order to keep Skopje public transportation at 50% capacity completely ignored

While the latest round of Government restrictions, meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus, impose a mandate that public transport is filled only at 50 percent capacity, a photo of a packed Skopje bus was shared today. During much of the epidemic, the pubilc transport situation was made worse by...

Macedonia 11.11.20 | 16:47

Another earthquake shakes Macedonia

A new earthquake was felt across Macedonia today, after a strong shake jolted many from their sleep overnight. It is still being determined what was the strength of the latest quake. The initial, overnight quake was quickly followed by three siginficant and 30 lesser earthquakes.