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Culture 08.09.20 | 21:05

Book Fair kicks off in Skopje amid COVID-19 pandemic

Over 40 publishing companies will promote their latest editions at the 2020 Book Fair starting Tuesday. Until September 14, the event will take place outdoors in Skopje at A1 Arena Boris Trajkovski Sports Hall in modular facilities under the slogan “Imagine a Different View”. For the first time...

Macedonia 05.09.20 | 20:41

Skopje: Man shot at person he suspected of torching his two cars

A man from Skopje’s Gazi Baba district fired a bullet at a man who set fire on his two vehicles overnight. The incident happened at 4 in the morning when a family realized that their two cars, a Volkswagen Python and a Volkswagen Touareg are on fire. The father of the family, 54 year old S.F.,...

Macedonia 01.09.20 | 12:09

Three Islamists arrested in Skopje and Kumanovo while preparing suicide attacks

Macedonian police informed that it has arrested a group of Islamist terrorists who were apparently planning attacks. The arrests were conducted in Skopje and Kumanovo. From the footage made available by the Interior Ministry, it’s visible that the group had the black ISIS flag and was preparing...

Macedonia 28.08.20 | 14:23

Chaka the albino lion prevented a robbery in the Skopje ZOO

Police were sent to the Skopje ZOO overnight after four men broke into the premises. The guards were warned by Chaka, the albino lion whose roars sounded the alarm. It’s not clear what the robbers were going for. All four were detained by the police.

Macedonia 24.08.20 | 10:28

Storm expected this evening

A summer storm is expected on Monday evening, forecasters say. While the day will be seasonably hot with temperatures of up to 36 degrees, citizens should be prepared for strong rains and thunderstorms in the evening. Unstable weather patterns are expected to continue into Tuesday.

Macedonia 24.08.20 | 10:25

Mosquito infestation in Skopje

The mosquito infestation in the city of Skopje continues, with residents complaining about unbearable attacks from the insects. City authorities promised they will spray Skopje with German made insecticides on Tuesday, which they hope will stop the infestation. This will be dependent on the favorable...

Macedonia 23.08.20 | 13:21

City of Skopje forced to act against major mosquito infestation

The city of Skopje said it will organize and additional spraying with insecticides after many citizens have complained about the large number of mosquitos. City authorities say that the damp summer has created conditions for breeding of the pests and that a new spraying push will take place, after those...

Macedonia 10.08.20 | 10:33

Fist fight between two families erupts after a child was injured in a traffic accident in Skopje

Police had to intervene near Skopje’s “Ss. Clement” hospital, in the center of the city, after a motorist hit a child that was taken there for treatment. The driver was also injured and went to the hospital with members of his family, while the family of the child was there along with...

Macedonia 10.08.20 | 10:28

Elderly woman saved from drowning after a flood hits village near Skopje

A villager from Zelenikovo near Skopje saved his 70 year old neighbor during the major flooding last evening. The region of Skopje has been hit by summer storms these past few weeks which frequently lead to flooding. Menda Manevska (70) was in her home in Zelenikovo when the area was hit by flooded,...

Macedonia 06.08.20 | 23:36

Coronavirus outbreak in the Skopje Gerontology hospital

Five patients of the Gerontology hospital in Skopje tested positive to the coronavirus. Three members of the staff were also positive, and have likely brought the virus into the vulnerable environment. Two of the patients have more serious symptoms and have been sent to the Kozle clinic, director Salija...

Macedonia 06.08.20 | 19:38

After the explosion in Beirut, public demands the removal of chemicals from the abandoned OHIS plant in Skopje

The devastating blast in the port of Beirut drew the public attention to the old OHIS chemical plant in Skopje, which caused panic in November, when the emptying and cleaning of a rusting chemical tank emitted noxious fumes in the air. Methyl acrylate vapors found in the OHIS tank which burst last week Experts...

Macedonia 04.08.20 | 18:16

Intense hail the size of walnuts fell on Skopje

A strong summer storm hit parts of Skopje today, pouring rain and hail the size of walnuts. Streets overflowed with water as the drains were unable to cope with the amount of rain. The intense hail also caused some damage and sent citizens running for cover. The coming days are also expected to be rainy,...

Macedonia 24.07.20 | 21:12

Another evening storm expected in Skopje

Another strong evening storm is preparing over Skopje. Citizens are advised to get off the streets and seek cover. Skopje often has summer storms that include strong gusts of wind and pouring rain. One such storm hit the city on Thursday evening, causing internet outages and sending tree branches flying.

Macedonia 21.07.20 | 17:59

Skopje Aqua Park won’t open this season

The Skopje Aqua Park announced today that it will not be opening for the summer season. Park management said that, in coordination with the Committee on Infectious Diseases, it was concluded that the risks of spreading the coronavirus are too great.

Macedonia 18.07.20 | 19:35

Police stopped a group of 43 illegal migrants fro Bangladesh, Pakistan, Syria.. after a traffic accident

Police revealed additional details about the traffic accident on the highway near Skopje on Friday, which involved a large group of illegal immigrants. The van with Skopje licence plates that hit a concrete post was carrying a total of 43 immigrants – from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan...

Macedonia 17.07.20 | 12:08

Group of Bangladeshi migrants found near Negotino, another was involved in an accident near Skopje

Police found 18 illegal migrants transported in a van on the highway near Negotino. The group was driven by a man from Skopje and consisted of adult people from Bangladesh. The driver has been detained and the migrants temporarily housed in the Gevgelija reception area. In another incident, a van transporting...

Macedonia 05.07.20 | 16:18

Illegal construction at the site of the recent cafe fire in Skopje

A few months after the Fountain cafe in Skopje’s central Mavrovka mall was set on fire, there are signs of intense construction on the ruins. The cafe was targetted with an RPG last year, and was burnt down in an intense fire that blasted windows across the mall. Now, the area is enclosed and there...

Macedonia 01.07.20 | 11:07

Skopje and Ohrid airports open for international flights

The Skopje and Ohrid international airports open today. Macedonian citizens remain banned from visiting most of Europe, but none the less long lines were reported since morning at the Skopje airport, a number of mainly Wizz Air flights are scheduled to and from Germany, northern Italy, Sweden, Switzerland,...

Macedonia 22.06.20 | 08:51

Skopje with most active COVID-19 cases

Of the 101 new COVID-19 patients registered in Macedonia in the past 24 hours, 57 are from Skopje, Public Health Institute said on Sunday. A total of 2,498 cases have been registered in the capital, of which 1,699 are still active. The Municipality of Cair holds the ‘top spot’ in the capital with...

Macedonia 19.06.20 | 20:52

Filipce expects Skopje hotspot to flatten next week

Health Minister Venko Filipce said Friday the COVID-19 hospitalization in the country is under 15 percent, other patients have mild symptoms and are treated at home, while the rest are asymptomatic cases. Under 15 percent of cases receive hospital treatment, others have mild symptoms and are treated...