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Macedonia 15.02.20 | 22:02

Albanian citizen attacked a French border agent at the Skopje airport

A French border agent deployed at the Skopje airport was attacked by an Albanian citizen after he refused his request to fly to Barcelona. The incident occurred when an Albanian family tired to fly to Spain to seek treatment for their child. Albanian citizens have visa free travel to most EU member states,...

Macedonia 15.02.20 | 14:00

Two young men killed in a brutal armed attack on a casino near Skopje

Two young men were killed early this morning during an armed robbery in a casino near Skopje. The attack happened at the northern exit from Skopje. Four armed attackers entered the casino and opened fire. They shot a 22 year old man from Kosovo, identified by the police as V.H., killing him on the spot....

Macedonia 29.01.20 | 18:11

Two security agency employees arrested for the Skopje City Mall bomb threat

Two young men were arrested for making a false bomb threat against the Skopje City Mall, which prompted the evacuation of Macedonia’s largest mall. Both are 19 and are employed in security agency, the police informed. Their motives are still unclear. It took several hours for the police to determine...

Macedonia 29.01.20 | 17:03

New law would ban Skopje citizens from disconnecting from the central heating system

The DUI party proposed that Skopje citizens who want to disconnect their central heating service, would be allowed to do so only if they prove that their alternative source of heating is energy efficient. This amendment, proposed by DUI’s Artan Grubi, was accepted by the European Affairs Committee...

Macedonia 29.01.20 | 16:26

Skopje man dies of malaria following a trip to Ghana

A man from Skopje has died of malaria, which he contracted during a trip to Ghana. The Center for public health reported that the 35 year old man was a public sector employee who was sent to Ghana on business. There he apparently contracted the deadly disease. He sought treatment after his return but...

Macedonia 28.01.20 | 18:43

Girl, 15, found with a gunshot wound to the head in Skopje

A fifteen year old girl from Skopje was taken to the Mother Teresa clinic yesterday with a gunshot wound to the head, the police confirmed today. The girl was found by her 18 year old brother, who said that their father’s gun was next to the girl. The police is still investigating the cause of...

Macedonia 15.01.20 | 09:23

EU Commissioner Varhelyi pays first official visit to Skopje

European Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi is set to arrive on Wednesday for a first official visit to Macedonia. Varhelyi will meet with President Stevo Pendarovski, Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski and Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi. He will also meet with SDSM leader Zoran...

Macedonia 14.01.20 | 10:42

Downtown Skopje streets blocked in protest against parking price hike

Streets in downtown Skopje, around the Green farmers market, are blocked this morning again, as market sellers protest against the increase in the parking prices. They say that the increase in the price, which rose from 50 to 70 denars per hour (1EUR = 60 denars), is chasing away their shoppers and reducing...

Macedonia 10.01.20 | 10:09

Skopje is the fifth most polluted city in the world this morning

Skopje is the fifth most polluted city in the world this morning, according to the AirVision website which measures air pollution. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan’s largest and capital city tops the list of most polluted cities, followed by Sarajevo (BiH), Delhi (India), Pristina (Kosovo). Among the 10 most...

Macedonia 08.01.20 | 21:53

New enlargement commissioner to visit Skopje next week

The new European Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi will visit Macedonia on January 15-16.It will be his first visit since taking office. Varhelyi is expected to meet with government officials likely to discuss the new methodology proposed by France and the course of reforms...

Macedonia 02.01.20 | 16:52

Cocaine has never been cheaper in Skopje, the capital has become a hotbed of dealers

The state’s capital is flooded with cocaine, making its price on the street market never lower, police sources told “NetPress”. According to the sources, along with the huge amount of cocaine throughout Skopje, the network of dealers “on a small scale” is expanding. And...

Macedonia 01.01.20 | 15:29

Dino Merlin draws more than 60.000 people for his New Year’s Eve concert in Skopje

Bosnian crooner Dino Merlin drew more than 60.000 people for his concert at the Macedonia Square in Skopje. Merlin was brought to ring in the New Year, along with a fireworks and laser display. People from across the region came for the concert, which was opened by Gypsy Groove and Superhiks.

Macedonia 01.01.20 | 11:46

After having too much alcohol, 29 people welcomed the New Year in the Skopje Clinic

Twenty-nine people, including a 14 year old boy, were treated after drinking too much alcohol in the Skopje Clinic on New Year’s Eve. No drug over-doses were reported and most of the alcohol cases were with light symptoms. The oldest patient who couldn’t hold his liquor was 63 years old.

Macedonia 01.01.20 | 11:39

Owner injured after fire broke out in a fireworks shop

A fire broke out in Skopje’s Bit Bazaar on New Year’s eve, in a store that sold fireworks. Firefighters were called in an hour before midnight and had to contend with heavy smoke. The shop owner was found unconscious and was transported by an emergency response team to be treated. Seven other...

Macedonia 31.12.19 | 16:11

Skopje clinics will be open non-stop for the New Year

Emergency medical teams and hospitals in Skopje will be on stand-by throughout the night to provide assistance to citizens who may get injured, or over-do it with the New Year celebrations. The clinics in Aerodrom, Cento, Cair, Shuto Orizari, Gjorce Petrov, Dracevo and Bit Pazar will operate in three...

Macedonia 31.12.19 | 16:02

Centar municipality offers free parking areas for New Year

Parking spaces in Skopje’s Centar district, which are managed by the Centar municipality, will be made available free of charge to all this evening and tomorrow. Meanwhile, the multilevel garages will close by 18h, and the fenced in open air parking spaces are now closed. On Wednesday, January...

Macedonia 30.12.19 | 23:41

Map of restaurants and cafes in Macedonia which ban smoking

Smoking was banned in restaurants and cafes in Macedonia in 2010, but was again allowed soon after the SDSM led Government seized power in 2017. And while smokers welcomed the change, many were so annoyed by the return of the smoke filled cafes that a movement is growing to get owners to take the initiative...

Macedonia 27.12.19 | 11:54

BMW owned by a real-estate developer set on fire in Skopje

A BMW reportedly owned by a real-estate developer from Skopje was set on fire overnight. The incident occurred at the Zebra shopping mall in the center of the city. The car was thoroughly destroyed in the attack. There are no reports of the possible motive for this latest intimidation incident. Запалено...

Macedonia 21.12.19 | 15:27

Skopje citizens gather to set a Guinness record for largest Christmas tree

Several thousand citizens of Skopje gathered at the Macedonia Square in an attempt to set a new Guinness world record of a largest man – made Christmas tree. The participants used green and red to outline a Christmas tree and lampoons. Mayor Petre Silegov said that they failed to get the hoped...

Macedonia 17.12.19 | 12:56

What is being burnt in the “Usje” cement factory: What is poisoning Skopje citizens?

In addition to the extremely polluted air that Skopje citizens breathe, an additional source of poisoning are the stoves of the cement factory „Usje“, writes “Kurir”. The portal claims a large quantities of colored textile and petroleum coke with 18% sulfur end up in the cement factory’s...