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Macedonia 11.10.19 | 18:45

Plaque in honor of the children refugees from Aegean Macedonia was destroyed

The commemorative plaque in memory of the expulsion of tens of thousands of Macedonian children from Aegean Macedonia was smashed yesterday. The small monument is located opposite of the Macedonian Parliament building, in the center of the city. The plaque was placed in 1988, during the first meeting...

Macedonia 27.09.19 | 18:07

US Secretary of State Pompeo to visit Macedonia next week

The US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo will travel to Italy, The Holy See, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Greece from October 1 to 6, US Department of State said in a press release. In Macedonia, Pompeo will meet with President Pendarovski, Prime Minister Zaev, and other government officials....

Macedonia 26.09.19 | 17:33

Skopje Council decides to auction its new town hall

The members of the Skopje Council voted today to sell the recently built office building that was built to finally relocate the city management from the decrepit wooden barracks built as a temporary measure following the 1963 earthquake. Mayor Petre Silegov explained the proposal by insisting that only...

Macedonia 25.09.19 | 15:13

Bus drivers will be told to sell tickets again

Following the failure of the decision to stop selling bus tickets in the vehicles, the city of Skopje plans to reintroduce this option, albeit at a high price. Currently bus tickets have to be bought with electronic refill cards or using a mobile phone, which creates long lines and making it nearly impossible...

Macedonia 24.09.19 | 10:34

Tsipras to take part at Skopje conference

SYRIZA leader and former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will pay a visit to Skopje next Tuesday, October 1, where he will attend a Western Balkans conference organized by “The Economist”, MIA reports from Athens. The “Enhancing the momentum for European Integration” conference, among...

Culture 23.09.19 | 11:34

Byzantine era art exhibition at the Capitol Mall

An exhibition of Byzantine era art from the region of Skopje will be presented at the Capitol Mall starting today. The exhibition will last until September 27th. Put together by Haemus, it will feature replicas made by nuns from the Markov monastery which will be offered for sale.

Macedonia 16.09.19 | 11:09

Tusk to pay visit to Skopje ahead of EU decision

The President of the European Council Donald Tusk will pay Tuesday a visit to Macedonia and will meet with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. After the meeting, Zaev and Tusk will hold a joint press conference at 12:15 h at the Government building. Tusk’s visit to Skopje is ahead of the expected decision...

Macedonia 12.09.19 | 17:06

Boy (16) in critical condition after stabbing in downtown Skopje

A 16 year old boy is in critical condition after being stabbed in a bus in downtown Skopje. The incident happened on Wednesday around noon, and it involved two groups of minors who got into a fight. Two other boys were also injured.

Macedonia 26.07.19 | 10:29

Skopje commemorates the anniversary of the devastating 1963 earthquake

The Macedonian capital Skopje marks the 56th anniversary of the 1963 earthquake which killed more than a 1.000 people and leveled much of the city. The quake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale hit at 5:17 in the morning, when most of the inhabitants were sleeping in their homes. Some 200.000 people were...

Culture 25.07.19 | 16:50

Sarcophagus dating from the Roman era found during road work in Skopje

A burial sarcophagus dating from the II century AD was found during road work on Skopje’s main boulevard Partizanski Odredi, in the western part of the Karpos district. The sarcophagus has was made in the Roman period, and it contained three additional pieces. The city used to gravitate toward...

Music 05.06.19 | 23:31

Bryan Adams bringing world tour to Skopje

After Lenny Kravitz, Sting and Eros Ramazzotti, one of the greatest mainstream artists in the world of all time, the man with countless hits and at the same time great songs – BRYAN ADAMS is coming to Skopje !, Avalon announced. On November 13th, “Summer of 69”, “Heaven”,...

Culture 05.06.19 | 19:21

André Rieu prepares an unforgettable performance in Skopje: 9 trailers with equipment arrived

The VIP Arena “Boris Trajkovski” is preparing for an unforgettable event. The production team for  André Rieu’s concert in Skopje arrived Wednesday with 9 trailers with equipment. On Thursday we are expecting a real musical spectacle, the organizers said.

Macedonia 03.06.19 | 14:36

Skopje town hall will pay for the Vardar welcoming ceremony, rewards the club for its Champions League title

The city of Skopje announced it will provide free bus transportation to the airport this afternoon, as Vardar returns from Cologne with the EHF Champions League trophy. Buses will leave from the Jugodrvo bus station near the GTC mall in downtown Skopje. Two open top buses are provided for the team, in...

Macedonia 22.05.19 | 13:09

Skopje Zoo hikes prices because the “elephants eat a lot”

Gjorgji Galetanovski, the director of the Skopje Zoo who was recently in the news over the Eurovision song recriminations, is now requesting that ticket prices are hiked by more than 50 percent, with additional fees also being planned. The initial decision was approved by the Skopje city council and...

Macedonia 15.05.19 | 13:32

Skopje city employees were stealing property tax money from gullible taxpayers

Two employees from the city of Skopje administration were charged with stealing money from citizens who were paying their property taxes. One of the employees would offer citizens to pay their taxes for them, so they don’t have to wait in line, and would take their money cash. He would pay only...

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 15:09

Who attended Pope Francis’ Holy Mass in Skopje?

Who attended Pope Francis’ Holy Mass in Skopje? Politicians, public figures, lawmakers, including ‘Mira Diesel’ … See the photo gallery below. Source: Infomax

Macedonia 07.05.19 | 09:07

Pope Francis traditionally welcomed with bread and salt at Skopje airport

Pope Francis, arrived Tuesday morning at the Skopje at the start of his visit to Macedonia. He was traditionally welcomed with bread and President Gjorge Ivanov and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov and Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov were part...

Macedonia 06.05.19 | 18:27

Pope Francis expected to ride in popemobile around Skopje

During tomorrow’s visit to Macedonia, Pope Francis is expected to ride in a popemobile, a specially designed vehicle, on the streets of Skopje. The papal ride is usually modified to provide high visibility for the pontiff to be seen by the crowds gathered for his blessing. The Pope didn’t use an...

Macedonia 06.05.19 | 13:59

Skopje on lockdown in anticipation of the papal visit

Macedonian capital Skopje prepares for the papal visit tomorrow – first in Macedonian independence. Pope Francis arrives tomorrow morning and will meet President Gjorge Ivanov and other state and religious leaders, before holding a cermon on Macedonia Square in downtown Skopje. The city is on a...

Life 03.05.19 | 20:41

Skopje prepares for the Pope’s visit

Skopje intensively prepares for the Pope’s visit on May 7. Workers at the square are working to set the stage from which the Pope will hold Mass on Tuesday. The area is enclosed with white fences. Lamps are being placed, intervention on fountains is being carried out. These day trees on the Macedonia...