Closure of coal-fired thermal power stations by 2030 and larger investments in renewable energy sources lead to improvement of air quality, said Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Naser Nuredini on Thursday.

According to him, this, together with the change in the way of heating in the homes, will contribute to the reduction of air pollution and the improvement of the health of the citizens.

Ever since I became Minister of Environment, we have been talking about changing the way of heating and energy production in our country. We are all aware that 65% of the energy is produced from coal in REK Bitola and TEC Oslomej. That is why our whole Energy Strategy is to change that and invest in renewable energy sources. This means that we support not only our investments as ESM in solar panels in Oslomej and Bitola, but also to close REK Bitola and TEC Oslomej by 2030 at the latest, Nuredini said at today’s meeting with reporters.