Some analysts have declared the SDSM-Besa coalition a coalition out of necessity, which should bring to SDSM the Albanian votes that Zaev loses because of unfulfilled promises and which he did not win in the first round of presidential elections, “Netpress” reported.

“Netpress” learned from party sources that this is why Zaev was more than generous to Besa, and that it is rumored that he even offered 5 MPs. Namely, the distribution was wining two MPs in the sixth constituency, and per one in the first, second and fifth constituency. In other words, Zaev will create a whole parliamentary group of 5 MPs for Besa, at a time when Besa is barely worth one MP in the sixth constituency.

That sparked outrage in the SDSM coalition, but also among the ruling party’s municipal organizations. There was particular dissatisfaction in the 1st and the 5th constituency, where SDSM municipal organizations in Kisela Voda, Sopiste, Makedonski Brod and Bitola should run for Besa MPs. The situation was also tense in the second constituency, especially in Gjorce Petrov and Gazi Baba, which also have to work on obtaining a new MP to the new SDSM-Besa coalition. That was too much for the Social Democrats to work on the ground because Besa barely weighed 15,000 votes, and SDSM is to create a whole parliamentary group to Besa.

Secretary General Nikolovski could not keep his discontent especially in relation to Zaev’s behavior toward old SDSM members who said that this steers away from the course of the party and spoils internal unity. The fight for MPs in SDSM was big because polls showed an electoral defeat that would automatically mean a lack of seats in the executive branch that only increased the price and desire for parliamentary seats. Some municipal organizations have already threatened that they will not work for the elections if these announcements are turned into parliamentary lists. The comments were that the SDSM in this election would actually work for Besa.