The “Parasites” affair reveals a large number of officials appointed by the government of SDS and DUI who receive enormous salaries in times of crisis, says VMRO-DPMNE.

While the people are starving Tomislav Tuntev, SDS staff as appointed director in the Civil Aviation Agency receives a monthly salary of 203,000 denars, that is, 9,744,000 denars will be paid to him for one term.

The director of PUIK, Zoran Gjorgjiev, receives a monthly salary of 105,000 denars, and during one term he will collect 5,040,000 denars. The well-known pro-government analyst Ljupco Zikov is an official in MEPSO for a monthly salary of 80,000 denars, which means that he will receive 3,840,000 denars for one term. The member of the Management Board in Telekom, Nikola Ljusev, receives a monthly compensation of 713,000 denars, which for one term reaches 34,224,000 denars. Only these 4 officials appointed by the government for one term receive 858,000 euros, as much as all the employees in an average large clothing company together will not receive in 4 years. Let us recall that two other government officials received 473,000 euros for one term, that is, Fahrudin Hamidi and Vlado Krstevski as directors in M-NAV receive a monthly salary of 345,000 denars, that is 266,000 denars. The government of SDS and DUI shamelessly asks the people for savings and they boast by paying incredible salaries to their officials. It cuts money for students and farmers and has millions to spend on fees. While the state is in debt, a small group is getting rich at the expense of the people. The “Parasites” affair showed all the uselessness and hypocrisy of the government. A new continuation of the affair will be revealed today, stressed the opposition party.