The joint candidate of SDSM and DUI for President of the Republic of Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, on TV21’s Click Plus show said that even if the Prespa agreement was to be annulled, it is impossible to conclude a better one.

As an ethnic Macedonian, I would really like to cancel this agreement, to open a negotiation process and get a new, better deal. It’s impossible. We know the people who are in Greece now, and those who will eventually come [into power] tomorrow, we know what the international factor is thinking and I claim that the formulation that speaks of the Greek Macedonians and our Macedonians here is unique in the international law. It is the part where we say and you, who live in Greece, if you want, call yourself a Macedonian, it’s not a problem, but do not dispute my right to declare myself, says Pendarovski.