The Plusinfo news site reports that a dispute has broken out in the state owned MEPSO energy transportation company, over a large planned power-line between Macedonia and Albania.

The power-line is estimated at nearly 50 million EUR, 12 million of which are provided as a grant, while 36 million are on loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The funds were provided in 2015, but, according to Plusinfo, allegations of corruption and disputes within the MEPSO company threaten to prevent its construction.

Plusinfo reports that MEPSO manager Saso Vasilevski is attempting to combine two procurement contracts, to build a relay station in Ohrid and the power-line itself, which sources inside the company say will increase the price tab by 20 percent.

Vasilevski’s opponents believe that the attempt to increase the price is not an accident, but that he has already decided on the winner of the contract – two Croatian companies. Rumors about a huge bribe are circulating, Plusinfo claims.

The news site adds that Vasilevski is rotating people in MEPSO in order to sideline the opponents of the deal, while time is running out and the entire deal could fall through if the dispute is not resolved soon.