Transport and Communications Minister Blagoj Bochvarski announced on Friday that concerted efforts are underway to overcome a cyberattack on the Electricity Transmission System Operator of North Macedonia (MEPSO), with the aim of restoring the company’s regular operations.

Minister Bochvarski briefed both domestic and international institutions on the situation, emphasizing the collective commitment to resolving the issue and returning the company to normal functioning. He noted that such cyberattacks are not unique to North Macedonia, occurring in other regional countries as well.

MEPSO confirmed yesterday that it is actively addressing a cyberattack but emphasized that the power grid’s integrity and electricity supply remain unaffected. The state-owned company clarified that the cyberattack did not target its critical energy infrastructure, which remains secure and fully operational.

In response to the global surge in cyberattacks, MEPSO acknowledged that despite implementing comprehensive cybersecurity measures, they experienced incidents of this nature in recent days. Emphasizing that the core activity of MEPSO involves electricity transmission and power system management, the company assured the public through a press release that its critical energy infrastructure remains secure, fully functional, and was not compromised by the cyberattack. Consequently, the overall integrity of the power grid and the electricity supply remains intact.