Intensive consultations are ongoing following the conclusions of the European Council, Prime Minister Zaev makes decisions based solely on the interests of the citizens and the state. He is running intensive consultations at various levels throughout the day, taking into account the conclusions reached by the European Council, which delay the decision to start accession negotiations with  Macedonia, the government said after EU’s final decision, Macedonia to remain without a date for start of EU accession negotiations.

Throughout the consultation process, decisions are made solely in the best interests of the state and citizens. Once any final decisions are made, they will be made public immediately, the government statement said.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has been in communication with many European leaders, including the leaders of Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Malta, and EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn.  European leaders have clearly acknowledged all the steps taken by North Macedonia and stressed that the country and its citizens were fully prepared for the start of negotiations, but that several EU countries were not prepared to do so, reads the statement.