Around 200 buses and 300 drivers and bus owners from the private bus transport companies “Sloboda Prevoz” and “Makespres” are part of the road blocks set up on Friday along the Ilinden boulevard in downtown Skopje in protest due to unpaid debts by the city’s public bus service JSP Skopje, Kemal Muric, representative of the transporters, told MIA.

When asked how long the blockade will last, he informed that it will last until the end of working hours.

Since we requested another official reception at the mayor’s office, we assume that it will be until the end of working hours, he said.

If this blockade does not result in an outcome, the director of “Sloboda Prevoz”, Lenin Jovanovski announced at yesterday’s press conference that on Monday, starting at 6:00 a.m., the capital will be completely blocked, that is, the private bus transporters will block the intersections near the “Mavrovka” shopping center and other intersections.

Yesterday, the City of Skopje announced that they are terminating the contract with “Sloboda Prevoz” due to non-fulfillment of obligations arising from the contract. The City appealed to the bus transporters to revise the decision to block Skopje, because, as they say, this will not solve the problem.