Disregarding the criteria for awarding funds according to the voucher system, there are doubts that the Central Commission has been continuously making illegal distributions since 2020, i.e. awarding vouchers to privileged users, federations and clubs, according to the interests of individuals and groups, possibly political parties, and placed in a disadvantageous position those sports subjects who did not receive adequate funds, even though that right legally belonged to them, it was pointed out by a member of the Anti-Corruption Commission, this is not a party thesis of VMRO-DPMNE, but an institution part of the government, which seriously suspects malpractice in the Agency for youth and sports directed by Naumce Mojsovski, who in turn was appointed to that position by SDS, says Sergei Popov from VMRO-DPMNE.

Kovacevski, instead of immediately acting on such claims of the Anti-Corruption Commission and dismissing Mojsovski, he remains silent and leaves in his position, giving him space to continue with the actions that he is suspected of doing.