An audio conversation was released in the public, in which one of the interlocutors is Dragi Raskovski, the Government’s secretary general, and according to the publishers, the conversation supposedly should prove public procurement contract rigging.

Raskovski reacted that the conversation was recorded by Kliment Cepunjovski, now dismissed director at M-NAV, precisely for causing a serious incident, for which there is a report prepared by the Aircraft Accident Committee.

He says the contract and the selection of the most favorable bidder were made in 2016, but since then, due to known reasons, Cepunjovski failed to sign the contract for the procurement of a new radar system, doing other illegal activities for which there is evidence in the prosecution.

Kliment, the Lider news portal and the others will have to prove the accusations of some contract rigging in court, Raskovski says.

Charged has already been filed against Kliment Cepunjovski because his actions lead to life-threatening condition to hundreds of people. In the interests of the investigation, the details can only be announced by the prosecution. On Monday, the entire material with details on the procurement of the ATM system and the involvement of Kliment Cepunjovski and the Government’s activities for protecting the lives of passengers will be delivered to the journalists. Kliment Cepunjovski gave the recording to a senior opposition party official a few days ago after learning about the report in which he was blamed for the incident, Raskovski wrote in his reaction on Facebook.