Macedonian prosecutors claim that a fierce informal campaign started yesterday, led by SDSM and DUI officials and their close employees in the judiciary, who are trying to influence the elections for a new head of the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime.

The goal of the people lobbying on behalf of SDSM and DUI is to eliminate Vilma Ruskovska who, if she receives over 50 votes from her colleagues, will be able to prosecute, among others, the four high-ranking officials or people close to SDSM and DUI for whom preliminary investigations have already been initiated.

According to sources in the prosecutor’s office, the people of SDSM and DUI are personally contacting all prosecutors in order not to vote for Vilma Ruskovska, writes “Express”.

The prosecutors under the control of DUI, according to the guidelines from Mala Recica, should vote for Islam Abazi, while SDSM wants to see Ermon Neziri in this position, for whom DUI, especially some deputies of this party, are not against him becoming the head of Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime.