Speaking about the future and what he expects from each mayor, VMRO-D-MNE leader Hristijan Mickoski recalled the open letter he sent to the mayors at the beginning of their mandates.

Before the start of the local election campaign, when I visited the municipalities, I gave each mayor an open letter of principles and expectations that I require from each one of them. Then in those letters, I reminded that it was enough from local powerful businesses, and newly composed instant businessmen who approach the local self-government just to get a stamp for some new building, new concrete in which the citizens will suffocate. When someone like that comes along, I have asked that you immediately drive him away so hard that he will never think of making such a dishonest move again. You must approach the spending of money in the municipality as if it were your own money. Caring and thrifty. Enough was wasted. Greenery must no longer be replaced by concrete. When building, it should be built smartly and with a plan for the future. In 4 years, there must not be an urban place that does not have sewage or water supply that is being built to have decent living conditions. You have to fight for every job, and bring new investments. New zest, for the people to feel new energy and to be protectors and drivers of the development of the economy. Until a year ago, there were mayors from the government who thought they were God. You serve the people, not the other way around, and you are not God. Far from it. You should remain a servant of the people, of your city, of your homeland. And never disappoint the citizens and Macedonia, stressed Mickoski.

When it comes to the future, we have to look at reality, and there the central government is hitting the municipalities with its hostile attitude. A blow to the municipalities is ultimately a blow to the people, on whose backs every obstruction, every blow and cut of funds is reflected. That’s why the municipalities are forced to fight alone and together to find mechanisms to get new investments and funds for the citizens. And we do that. I want to announce that the municipalities will start with the novelty of issuing municipal bonds. Every household, legal, and natural person, will be able to participate in the purchase of those bonds, money that will be used for the construction of capital projects, streets, roads, boulevards, water pipes, sewers, new kindergartens and schools, and even economic municipal zones. Unlike now, the interest rate for bank deposits is up to 0.5%, and the interest rates for a seven-year period for citizens and companies that will participate in the purchase of these bonds will be 9 to 10 times higher, i.e. from 4.5 to 5%. Thus, the municipalities will get fresh money, the citizens and the companies that will get those funds will be able to expect a few percent higher interest rates and earnings, and the population will be able to expect many new projects. I expect this innovation, which has not been implemented until now, to start by the end of this year or by the beginning of next year at the latest, Mickoski said.

Micski emphasized that all this comes as a result of the attitude of the central government towards the municipalities, which wants them to depend on it. According to him, VMRO-DPMNE paves the way for a revolutionary measure that will provide the municipalities with independence and investments.