Gordana Dimitrieska Kocoska, Vice-President of VMRO-DPMNE, at today’s forum “Local Economic Development” which is held at the political fair “Fair of changes that bring the future” spoke about decentralization, that is, she indicated that there is no decentralization because there is no money as a state and that in recent years the budget has been ravaged by the central government.

I remember a year ago when they started to prepare the budgets of the municipalities, that is, first the plan and the program that they presented for the elections. How positive and enthusiastic all the mayors were during that period, that they would be able to do a lot for their municipalities.

Many of them won the elections, they had their own program, their own promises, their own goals, but after a month they started to say one by one how the electricity bills are huge. But this did not discourage our mayors, and they started to organize themselves as best they could so that they could implement and realize the projects they had promised, said Vice-President Dimitrieska Kocoska.

She pointed out that the mayors of VMRO-DPMNE are above all honest people and are working to realize their program.

Maja Kadievska Vojnović, a member of the EC of VMRO-DPMNE, at the forum pointed out that the SDSM made a circus of the state and the numbers clearly show that, they are trying to obstruct the municipalities led by VMRO-DPMNE, but even in such difficult circumstances the mayors from VMRO-DPMNE manage to realize capital projects and give lessons to other mayors on how to run a municipality.

About 61% of the municipalities of VMRO-DPMNE have an increase in income, and unlike our municipalities, even 63% of other municipalities have a decrease in their own income. We with a better figure, they with a devastating figure. Property tax 73% of municipalities have an annual increase in income, and this means that the mean mayors are working to collect income to invest, to build roads, kindergartens, parks. Almost all Skopje municipalities have lower annual transfers from the central government, that is, the central government is holding back the development of the municipalities led by VMRO-DPMNE, said Kadievska Vojnović.

She emphasized that when it comes to capital expenditures, what is dominant in the municipalities led by VMRO-DPMNE mayors, for the first three quarters of this year compared to last year’s three quarters when they were led by SDSM, what can be seen is that in for the most part, efficiency has now increased in the area of capital investments. VMRO-DPMNE has 80% more capital investments in construction investments than all other municipalities run by other political parties.