The growing fight between the DUI party and the Albanian wing of the SDSM party spread over the war record of Shkodrane Dardista, director of the Mother Teresa clinic complex in Skopje.

Dardista fought in the 1999 war in Kosovo and in the 2001 Albanian insurgency in Macedonia. A photograph of hers from this period, holding an RPG grenade thrower near the Lipkovo dam is available online. The dam was famously closed by the Albanian NLA/UCK terrorist group in the summer of 2001, depriving the large city of Kumanovo of water in an attempt to put it under siege.
Albanian parties in Macedonia largely praise the NLA and frequently nominate its former commanders to top positions. The DUI party, which was borne out of the NLA, is led by former terrorist commanders.

Now one of the most outspoken supporters of the SDSM party on the social media, Vanco Ordanoski, brother of leading media supporter of SDSM Saso Ordanoski, reposted the picture.

Shkodrane Dardista, NLA terrrorist, now director of the Skopje clinic. She’s a murderer in her spare time, Vanco Ordanoski wrote.

Ordanoski deleted the tweet after it became apparent that it is damaging SDSM’s standing with its crucial Albanian voting base. The Ordanoski brothers are seen as supportive of the SDSM Albanian wing, led by Muhamed Zekiri, which is one of the several political options fighting for the Albanian voters. SDSM decisively lost the Macedonian vote in the recent presidential elections, but was able to push its candidate Stevo Pendarovski across the finish line with an unprecedented concentration of Albanian voters behind him.

DUI affiliated news outlets immediately jumped on Ordanoski, blaming the SDSM party and its Albanian supporters of “disrespecting the NLA”. The issue is heating up as early general elections are likely and both DUI and SDSM depend on the same pool of Albanian voters to maintain their position in the Parliament.