SDS came to power with promises of clean air, 7 years later nothing has changed. For 4 years while they had the local government, they did not take any of the conclusions that their deputies adopted, and for 7 years when they were in the central government, they did not implement a project or a larger measure of a national nature to fight against air pollution, says VMRO-DPMNE.

Air pollution is a national problem, and to effectively reduce air pollution, national measures and projects are needed that will significantly affect the reduction of harmful gas emissions.

The government has undertaken nothing concrete in the direction of new legal solutions and their implementation.

In the simplest terms, SDS and DUI, which recently promoted themselves as green, only declaratively carry strategies and plans on paper, but they do not have any implementation.

Skopje and the rest of the country are drowning in air pollution, and the SDS and DUI Government is mainly to blame for that. Municipalities have limited powers and opportunities, and even those they have were not implemented by the SDS and DUI mayors for the past 4 years.

Both SDS and DUI came to power with lies that they would fight air pollution and reduce it. They have done nothing for 7 years, and that’s why we need changes and a new VMRO-DPMNE Government that will solve the problems and fight for a better future in every field, said the opposition party.